Could you be gorgeous or perhaps not? Tinder uses James Blunt to review the profile |

James Blunt is a self-declared expert on beauty, but could he help others get a hold of their best selves?

That is what

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is financial on. They will have because of the Uk songwriter the installing subject of Chief Blunt Officer at the business. In several brand new films released Friday, he is examining individuals users and giving them opinions.

Many of the commentary he provides is actually brilliant as well as reasonably positive:

Or the guy points out things that could be worded much better:

While some of their criticism is actually, really, more dull.

Sometimes he’s just completely puzzled:

And, naturally, the guy doesn’t fall for those
usual cliches

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more than we would.

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You will never know which he’ll set their sights on after that, but hopefully your own profile is during decent enough shape that he’ll just declare “You’re beautiful” and move ahead.

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