Precision Self Centering High Grip Machine Vice Code No. U2222


■ UNIQUE Precision Self Centering High Grip Machine Vices are compact, rigid & specially designed for
Precision Milling, Grinding & CNC Operations.
■ Compact Design with large opening suitable for 4th & 5th Axis Rotary Tables.
■ Vice is suitable for holding two workpieces with an optional intermediate jaw.
■ Unbreakable High Strength Ductile Iron Body.
■ Grounded Top & Bottom.
■ High-Quality Alloy Steel, Case Hardened HRC 60 ± 2 clamping jaws for high performance & longer life without wear.
■ Tenon & tenon slots provided for effortless truing on the vice of the machine table.
■ Accuracy in parallelism & squareness within 0.02 I 100 mm.
■ Interchangeable Jaw Plates available.
■ Smooth & effortless handle movement to achieve high clamping force. (Max: 3000 Kg.)