Indexing Milling Fixture Horizontal & Vertical (With Chuck & Tail Stock) , Code No. U1335


– Entire range of horizontal, vertical indexed milling operations can be done with our range of products.
– Job Clamping is fast, indexing is quick thereby increasing production efficiency.
– Indexing Fixture models covers the advantage of conventional Dividing Head and Rotary Table put together.
– Movable Parts are hardened & Ground for long life.
– Indexing accuracy is precise and products can be used on surface grinding also.
– Combination of ball bearings and taper roller bearings on jig bored holes for accurate & easy rotation.
– Tail Stock with lead screw movement is provided for center support of long shaft / jobs.
– Tail Stock Center is sliding in hardened and accurately ground bushes.
– In most models, 24 indexing positions are provided.
– There is also a graduated collar with 1 deg least count which facilitates odd degree indexing also.
– With all these additional advantages, fixtures are priced much lower than conventional dividing head or rotary table.

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