Precision Rear Jaw Tilt Lock Machine Vice Ductile Iron Unbreakable Body (Kurt Type) (Fixed Base) Code No. U357


– Fitted with Thrust Bearing for Smooth Movement
– Unique Tilt Lock Vices can with stand heavy jobs.
– Top & Bottom of vice bed, bottom & both sides of jaws & all jaw mounting surfaces are precision ground.
– By reversing the jaw plates the jaws are raised & can be fitted to both ends of the fixed jaws & the moveable jaws.
– The four different positions of jaw plates pair are available for more gripping area.
– Coolant through on vise body and swivel base.
– Chip clearance holes …….. no dead pockets.
– Swivel handle allows the screw head revolved on machine table.
– The vice can be disassembled and repaired by regrinding.

Precision Rear Jaw Tilt Lock Machine Vice (Kurt Type) Code No. U357

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